Create Responsive Web Application with HTML5

Create Responsive Web Application with HTML5
January 28, 2017 No Comments Uncategorized Namrata Sonawane

What Is HTML5:

Html5 is the latest version(advance html) html that describe web pages.
Its actually three kinds of code: first is html, css, javascript for  to make web page interatctive.
Used by html5 we can create Responsive  web application, means we  can used it  properly on any devices,  it will be  compatible with all type of devices.such as iphone, tablet, smartphones, will adjust their size according to devices.

Html5 is support to “Touch Interface”, if we want to create a touch software, then we can make it by used of html5.

Html5 is support  to  all modern browsers.(google chrome, Mozilla, safari, opera, internet explorer), also support previous browsers.

New Html5 elements:

Semantic Elements



This  elements <header> replace to  the <div> elements in html.
Define header for documents or sections,we can use its as a container.


In this example we wraped some tags in <header>

Same like in html <div> we can wrap these elements.

Means divisions of webpage.

2. nav
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